Aqua Ohio is committed to serving the communities throughout the Mahoning Valley

"We are poised to partner with the city to meet the community’s needs through significant infrastructure investment."

A Letter from Ed Kolodziej
President of Aqua Ohio


Dear Youngstown Water Department Customers:

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn more about Aqua Ohio and our desire to provide quality water services to your community. We know your time is valuable and we’re glad you’re here.

Aqua Ohio recently submitted a proposal to the City of Youngstown, which formally expresses our interest in purchasing the city’s water distribution system, which serves customers within the city limits and several surrounding areas.  We have watched the challenges being faced by the city, and the diligent efforts made by elected officials to address municipal priorities. We hope that this letter of interest will provide the city — both the current and the incoming administrations — an additional solution to consider in their efforts.

Water and wastewater infrastructure plays a vital role for our residents and our area businesses. Across Ohio, the Association of Civil Engineers estimates that over $12 billion will be needed to replace aging water infrastructure and over $14 billion for wastewater in the next 20 years. As one of the nation’s largest water and wastewater utilities with more than 130 years of industry and technical experience, we are poised to partner with the city to meet the community’s needs through significant infrastructure investment that will promote reliable service, drive economic development and ensure the highest level of water quality and customer service.

We hope that you and the leaders in your community will consider all of the benefits of our proposal, including:

Aqua Ohio has been firmly committed to both the state of Ohio and the Mahoning Valley for more than 100 years, developing strong ties to communities as we work to address their local water and wastewater issues, whether related to finances to support infrastructure investments, environmental compliance or operating efficiencies.  As one of the largest regulated water utilities in the state, we currently serve 50,000 residents within the Mahoning Valley, 500,000 residents throughout the state, and we employ over 50 people who live and work right here in our local community.

We genuinely feel that this is an exciting opportunity for the city to explore when considering how to continue to move Youngstown forward as a thriving, vibrant community. We look forward to our continued discussion with Youngstown officials and residents, and we welcome you to contact us at if you have any questions or comments. We look forward to your support and look forward to serving your water needs in the future.



Ed Kolodziej

President, Aqua Ohio

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“We truly value our partners like Aqua Ohio and appreciate the investments they have made throughout Ohio and especially those right here in the Mahoning Valley.”
– James Dignan, Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber Chief Operating Officer

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